Welcome to Royal Fairytale Events! Our company was founded in 2020 with the purpose of providing high-quality children's entertainment to special events, birthday parties, and much more! Founders Candace Fleck and Kirstin Roble bring a wide range of expertise and experience to their company through their own training and performance credentials 



Kirstin Roble


Kirstin Roble maintains a busy performing career in opera, musical theatre and recital. When not working for Royal Fairytale Events, she can be seen with many other area companies in productions throughout the year. When not singing, Kirstin works as a virtual assistant and health coach. Kirstin looks forward to help making your child's day a little bit more magical!

Candace Fleck



Candace has always been a princess at heart.  Her specialties are singing, etiquette lessons, and tea parties! Other than dreaming of becoming a royal, Candace also enjoys Geology, Geography, Archaeology, and all other fields of Natural Science!  Working as a Geospatial Analyst, she teaches anyone, even a scientist, can be of royalty! 

Henry Hammond



Henry Hammond has been working as a actor and singer since his children's choir days. When not working with Royal Fairytale Events, Henry works a fundraising associate for arts nonprofit organizations.